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Bad Bitch Magic

wealth creation never looked so good

Spirituality / Intimacy / Sexual Liberation / Financial Abundance

About Us

Hello My Darling,


Welcome to BAD BITCH MAGIC, where we believe that one’s journey to their truest potential should be an engaging, safe, and exciting experience. 


My name is Paige and I am proudly the founder and creator of this industry changing brand! Here at BAD BITCH MAGIC we recognize that human potential comes from deep within one of most sacred aspects of who we are, our Soul. Unlike our Mind and our Body, our Soul is already completely attuned to the consciousness of who we truly are. Even as we come into this life, we are filled with infinite desires, purpose, and passions, simply waiting for Divine Time to run its course. While it’s recognizable all of these things aren’t fundamentally required needs for physical survival, fulfilling one's desires is required for each human's Soul to uniquely thrive; which is what we manifest here! 


Our mission is to provide high-quality tools and services that empower our clients in their own journey to spiritual enlightnement, financial freedom, sexual empowerment, personal growth, confidence development, and so much more to help them tap into their own BAD BITCH MAGIC, allowing them to manifest the life they desire for themselves!


Our team is made up of incredible souls who are passionate about helping people. From our teachers to our administrative staff, everyone at BAD BITCH MAGIC is committed to crafting success, in the highest good, greatest healing, and ultimate happiness of THIS community; which we would be honored to have you, be a part of!


I started this business because I saw a need for more accessible and effective tool that assisted in the heavy work that is Soul work, as well as guidance to use those tools. Products and services that truly put the needs and desires of the client, first. It was my Soul's desire to create a space where people could feel safe to explore new concepts, ask questions, and grow their personal knowledge, skills, and identity, all in one place! 


At BAD BITCH MAGIC, we value integrity, inclusivity, diversity, and respect. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. That's why we work hard to make our tools and services accessible and affordable for everyone.


So whether you’re or already tapped into your own BAD BITCH MAGIC, you’re taking the first step in career or identity switch, or anywhere in between, I have faith we have the tools, resources, and community to empower you find, understand, and manifest the desires and success that are truest to YOU!


I look forward to seeing where your desires lead you!





Manifest That Money

REVENUE GENERATING tools that take the stress out of content creation and making money will never have tasted sweeter.

  • 30 min Tarot or Oracle reading

    44 US dollars
  • 60 min Tarot or Oracle reading

    88 US dollars
  • 90 min Tarot or Oracle reading

    111 US dollars
  • 60 min Energy Healing

    66 US dollars

Contact Us

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