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Bad Bitch Magic

crafting in the highest good

Energy Healing  /  Love   /  Spirituality  /  Family  /  Career  /  Finance  /  Ego  / Generational Trauma  /  Karma

About Us

My name is Celeste Michelle and as the founder of Bad Bitch Magic, I would like to welcome you personally to the Bad Bitch Magic family and congratulate you on your spiritual journey so far! You didn’t find us by accident, I promise; you belong here.

I’ve spent the past several years studying different spiritualities, exploring my own abilities, and refining my craft to be able to confidently and proudly present Bad Bitch Magic to you, today. We offer an array of spiritual therapies, services, and products that can help you on your own journey to harness your inner Bad Bitch; as well as the magic you hold. 

Whether you’re new to spirituality, a High Priestess, or anywhere in between, Bad Bitch Magic has the tools, resources, and community to help you grow your craft. Bad Bitch Magic is an environment to empower magic, magick, and spirituality everywhere.